Sparks of Past, Present, and Future

May 3, 2014 will mark 113 years since the Great Fire of 1901 when our fair city battled flames. So what are we going to do to commemorate how far our city has come? Celebrate of course!


Bay and Main Street after the Great Fire in 1901, and Bay and Main Street Bridge in 2014, JAX Chamber. 

In the spirit of One Spark we will salute our past, and welcome the future! To celebrate this and the Firefighters of Jacksonville we’ll be moving Community First Saturday to the Jacksonville Fire Museum on May 3rd from 10am to 4pm! Join us for fire trucks, food trucks, and live music!


(Top photo: JAX Fire Museum Archives, Bottom photo: PRI Productions)




Since early October 2012, every day before the first Saturday of the month, I’d be sweating some detail, tracking down partners, bagging meters, or otherwise loading my car with stuff. Today is no different. Except its the last time I’ll be in charge of Community First Saturdays on game day. (Don’t worry, I’m planning a super fun one for May 3 :)). While I load the car I’m thinking about Jomarie who never fails to show up and teach Tai Chi to anyone willing to learn. I’m thinking about all of the great non-profits who have come out and made their case with sidewalk chalk and hula hoops. I’m thinking about all of the food trucks who have put their gourmet ideas into action and kept us all fed and happy. I’m thinking about all the volunteers, and interns and coworkers who have helped keep the event fun and easy going. I look back at all of the JSO officers who make every effort to reach rogue parkers on our closed streets who we don’t want to tow unless we absolutely have to! (We’ve still have never towed anyone- yet). I think of our best friend Missy who always comes with a smile and a great sense of humor.

When I told my kids that I was transitioning to a new job, my daughter said she’d mostly miss sitting under the tent with Missy and I people watching. I assume she’ll miss the snow cones as well.

This event tomorrow will be a big one I think, as any time we mention our local craft beers usually is. But its also a way to meet other One Spark creators, like myself, and hear ideas before the festival even starts. One Spark is so amazing but there is no way you can catch every creator. Come to the event tomorrow to meet some folks and hear about their passion projects and ideas as a prelude to the fest. Pick up some merch. The sunglasses are very cool and only $5.

I won’t be able to mention a lot of folks, I’ll not try to name them all, but I do want say thank you, to everyone, to every band, to every family who checked their bike at bike valet, to Santa, to Community First, Sawyer Gas and all of our excellent partners.

Take comfort in knowing that every event I’ve ever started ended up getting fresh and innovative managers and volunteers. RAM and Art Walk are WAY BETTER than I could have ever pulled of. We’ll have Community First Saturdays for some time and we won’t miss a beat and  the event will continue to grow and get better and better. And I’ll see you there!


A Head Start on One Spark!

You’re aware that Community First Saturday is having a sweet One Spark Mixer for any creator who wants in, but did you know that The Cummer is also having One Spark Festivities?
The Cummer is just as ready as we are to kick off One Spark! This Saturday, April 5th, they will have free admission. Check out the FB event page for more info.



Friendly neighborhood suggestion….Ride to RAM and park your bikes at the (FREE) Bike Valet and explore The Cummer at 10 am.  Then, grab your bikes and head to Community First Saturday and park your ride at our (FREE) Bike Valet on the Riverwalk! Relax, get some food and enjoy our One Spark Mixer, Live Music and Craft Beer Fest that starts at 11 am!

Undies for a Cause!

Be our lucky grand prize winner!

undie logoedit
Dignity U Wear
,  a nonprofit that provides clothing for children and families, will be joining us on Saturday April 5th for their ongoing National Undie Campaign.

They will be raffling off a shiny new Beach Bicycle at Community First Saturday on April 5th. Tickets are only $5, OR you can bring in a pack of undies for child in need.

Really, it’s a win/win.

P.S. Show the boys a little love. Can we get some spider-man or batman boxers on Saturday!?!?!


Reserve your Armada season tickets NOW.

Be the trendsetters, and the first fans to fill the seats of the Jacksonville Armada! You can reserve your tickets at Community First Saturday on April 5th, and get some serious swag for your first Armada game – check out their website for more info!

Think The Players Championship is out of your budget? Think again!


The Players championship will also be joining us on April 5th, and you’ve got to check out what kind of tickets are available!



If you’re looking for an all-day Grounds Ticket the prices range from $15 to $58. If you’re planning on going every day, spring for the $150 ticket!

Now, if you’re looking for some VIP TPC love, there are VIP tickets, which include food and beverages. Prices for the Michelob Ultra Blue Room VIP Lounge Tickets range from $75 to $125 for all day access.


The Players have a wide variety of tickets available, check out their website for a full list.

P.S. If you’re current Military or a Vet tickets are FREE!



So maybe you’ve seen the new One Spark Swag, and maybe you haven’t – but if you haven’t you need to!



These snazzy products (and more!) will be available on April 5th, just days away from the start of One Spark on the 9th. Basically, it’s the perfect chance to get your swag on before One Spark even starts!

Even your kids can sport some One Spark love (bottom right corner), and check out the sweet adult T’s.



Explore all the merch at!

Calling All Creators!


For our Community First Saturday/Craft Beer Fest/Four days to One Spark on April 5th, we want to showcase all the talented creators preparing to light up our city.

ALL CREATORS: Bring your business cards, and we’ll provide some name-tags. Mix and mingle with all who attend!

Come out and use us a platform to get the word out on your idea, business and/or project! See you on April 5th from 11 am to 4 pm, behind the Times Union Center on the corner of Hogan and the Riverwalk.

March Recap!

Check out some of the cool stuff that happened at March’s Community First Saturday! Saint Johns Riverkeeper was out in full force! Shout to our teams who collected 17 (BIG) bags of trash from our river! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-53   gbrk Our new games got a lot of cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-17  We KNOW who loves JAX!cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-25 The Armada came out in full color. cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-9 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-8 Some sweet jams from the Jacksonville Songwriters Residency Project.




cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-21 Don’t forget about Bike Valet, bring your bike and park it safely. No stolen bikes! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-4 Natural Life was there promoting their Natural Life Music Fest this Sunday March 16th, and making cool scarves! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-43   cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-42 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-39 And the kids had fun planting and crafting! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-58 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-50

Thanks to those who joined us, and we hope to see you all April 5th at 11am on the corner of Hogan and Riverwalk!