Skyway Scavenger Hunt! Fly through Downtown straight to the SUN(s)!

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Downtown Jacksonville has so much to offer. Community First Saturdays was built around the idea of getting folks together, gathering as a community and enjoying all there is to do Downtown. And we’ve got a lot for you to do Downtown April 6th! First lets play a little Skyway Scavenger Hunt shall we?

The Skyway Scavenger hunt will have you soaring through Downtown on the Skyway featuring some of the best views in the whole city. You’ll find clues near stations and those clues will illustrate what destinations you can reach via your very own FREE people mover. The Skyway is not normally operating on Saturdays but our special sponsor, JTA, has turned it on every Community First Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

As you can see from the photo we’ve got great prizes if you complete the hunt! Those are Suns tickets! YES! The AA (Marlins) Suns are back and you get to attend the first Saturday home game of the season against the Jackson Generals if you complete the hunt. Its the battle of Andrew Jackson cities. These tickets are for a real seat too not just bleachers! If you’ve never been to the Baseball Grounds you are in for a real treat. The Suns ticket prizes were generously contributed by our awesome sponsor Community First Credit Union. (limited tickets -while supplies last – we’ve got a bunch and we’ll try to make every finisher happy!)

So how do you prepare? Well for one take a look at this map and get to know your Skyway (map also found here):



Drink plenty of fluids and stretch out. There is a decent amount of walking involved but never more than a couple of blocks away from a station. Get a good nights rest!

We’ve got the clues to the hunt locked up tight with the Suns tickets and other prizes and you can’t get a hold of them until 10am, April 6th!



To pick up your clues take the nearest Skyway to Kings Avenue Station. If you wish to leave from the main Community First Saturdays event, Central Station is your best bet. Just two blocks up Hogan St. From the Riverwalk.

Upon arriving at Kings Avenue Station look for a Tent set up at ELM. Walk right up and ask for your Skyway Scavenger Hunt Clues!

The hunt should last no more than an hour and a half at a normal walking pace. Please obey all laws and only use public sidewalks. We know it will be very exciting but we highly recommend reading all of the clues before jumping on your train!

Good luck! See you above Downtown!


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