March Recap!

Check out some of the cool stuff that happened at March’s Community First Saturday! Saint Johns Riverkeeper was out in full force! Shout to our teams who collected 17 (BIG) bags of trash from our river! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-53   gbrk Our new games got a lot of cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-17  We KNOW who loves JAX!cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-25 The Armada came out in full color. cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-9 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-8 Some sweet jams from the Jacksonville Songwriters Residency Project.




cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-21 Don’t forget about Bike Valet, bring your bike and park it safely. No stolen bikes! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-4 Natural Life was there promoting their Natural Life Music Fest this Sunday March 16th, and making cool scarves! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-43   cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-42 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-39 And the kids had fun planting and crafting! cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-58 cf-saturdays-Mar-2014-50

Thanks to those who joined us, and we hope to see you all April 5th at 11am on the corner of Hogan and Riverwalk! 


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