What’s this about a Locals Only Beer Fest? (A TOP SEVEN LIST)


Community First Saturdays is still on the first Saturday of the month, our next one is next Saturday, February 1. That event is going to be amazing as we debut The Great Urban Core Scavenger Hunt 2.0. We’ll have another fun and challenging hunt with even more prizes than last time and a family edition that will be fun for all ages.

So what is up with beer fest this weekend?


This event is really just a laid back gathering of cool people in a cool Downtown location, drinking craft beers close to the source and talking about our excellent quality of life in our fair city. You need more? Ok, here is the definitive top ten reasons to come out to tomorrow’s Locals Only Beer Fest / 74 Days to One Spark.

7. The Players– Every year The Players brings tens of thousands of visitors to the First Coast and our area is broadcast to nearly a billion homes all over the world. You’ve probably noticed the tournament is becoming very innovative when it comes to bringing in local flavor. They also coordinate with Downtown so our hotels and hospitality industry gets that extra bump in May. Well we love that at JAX Chamber, and its only natural that we have The Players out for our first ever Locals Only Beer Fest. The Players will have reps on site and a putting green to test your skillz. They’re also our cup sponsor!


6. The T-shirt– There are so many things to love about our city. The #ilovejax hashtag is everywhere for a reason. This is a great place to live and now is a great time to live here. To celebrate this, we’re giving away a FREE #ilovejax tshirt for every purchase of 7 tickets at the Locals Only Beer Fest / 74 Days to One Spark. We’ve even got dry fit and ladies styles. Size options while supplies last (but we’ve got a bunch).

5. The Deal- BEERS are ONE TICKET. One ticket is $3. The deal is this: 7 tickets for $20. But wait there is more! See #9. You get a free #ilovejax tee shirt with every $20 purchase. Cash is recommended. To keep our ticket line as quick and short as possible we are only taking cards for purchases of $20 or more. But please, if can, bring cash.

Concave Kicker (2)


4. Sunshine Soccer– Did you know we are getting a real PRO SOCCER TEAM? Yeah buddy! The yet-to-be-named Jacksonville team reps will be onsite and they are bringing a really cool game with them. Kick the soccer ball in this puppy and brag about how hard your shot is. Note to hot shots: Christiano Ronaldo hits it  70-80 miles per hour.


Note: picture shown is not event site. Event is in Chamber lot. This is just a sweet photo. 🙂

3. The Food Trucks- The fine food trucks below will be in attendance! YOU HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING!

Super Food Truck
Christopher Bean Coffee Company
Corner Taco
Baby’s Badass Burgers – Jacksonville
Lil’ Gabriel’s Flavored Ice

2. The Games-  Are you a Giant Jenga Genious? A Cornhole Crackerjack? Then you might love the games that Hot Mess Customs are bringing out!


1. One Spark– Let’s be honest, not since Henry Klutho rolled into town after the great fire of 1901 have we had so much intense innovation and cultural growth in Downtown Jacksonville (according to me). 🙂

One Spark showed us that you can DO ANYTHING. Put your mind to it, build a plan and roll it out. One Spark will be on hand to discuss volunteer opportunities, how to become a creator, and anything else you can think of. Get very excited as its only 74 DAYS AWAY!


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