So many awesome things happening at Community First Saturdays this weekend. One major thing I know your kids are going to LOVE! Fire Trucks!

Meet our Downtown firemen (and women!) and get a tour of a real Downtown fire truck! Various trucks will be out between 10am and 2pm at the end of Hogan Street. If you take your kids on the Skyway and let them check out the fire trucks, I’m pretty sure they’ll never forget this Community First Saturday with you!

As you may have noticed at the Community First Saturdays facebook page, we have been celebrating the rebuilding of Jacks0nville which started May 4th, 1901. The JAX Chamber, then called the Board of Trade, was instrumental in the immediate rebound of this great city. Only steps from where we will celebrate exactly one hundred and twelve years later the Board of Trade’s president Capt. Charles E. Garner exclaimed:

This beautiful city will rise again, more prosperous than ever!

This was echoed by Mayor J.E.T. Bowden, who said

Jacksonville’s best wealth is in her people, and through them she will soon sit resplendent once more with increased glory as the metropolis of the State.


Quotes from Bill Foley & Wayne Wood’s The Great Fire of 1901

See you on the Riverwalk Saturday! Bring the kids!


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