Ok. So you probably won’t win all three. In fact, you could only win one, or even none. But, to be honest, the chances are pretty good that you could win one if you compare it to like a candy bar wrapper contest or the lottery or something. Not bad odds at all. Maybe one in 50 or so? Depends on how many people participate.

All you have to do to win and be like this person  or this person is sign up at the Community First tent at Community First Saturdays!

If you do and you find our sign up at the opening of the Riverside Arts Market (by the entrance of the bike valet), you’ll get five times the chances.

To review: Sign up onsite at Community First Saturdays AND Riverside Arts Market and you’ll get five times the entry in the randomizer.

Make sure you use the same email address at both registrations.

Also you don’t have to tell your friends about the bike giveaway but please, tell them about the fun on the river this weekend!

We leave you know with a photo of one of our other free bikes! BTW, THANKS BIKE DIRECT!






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