For those of you who could not make it and especially for those of you who could, here is a quick photo recap. If you have photos of the event, please post on our Facebook; there are more photos there too! See you March 2!


Lots of folks enjoyed all of the delicious food trucks as they lounged on the river.

One Spark was out garnering support and volunteers for its $250,000 ++ crowdfunding festival in April.

Two young ladies about to take the e2ride tour of San Marco. We had a huge sold out tour on Saturday!


Void Magazine organized a great Alley Cat race with Jacksonville’s top fixies to support Daniel. We LOVE VOID!

winner dave

Dave won a bike! We’ll be giving away two more bikes in March! What? Yes two more! Thanks Bike Direct!


Check out X FIT class brought to you by Just Fitness 4 U!


And finally here is a shot of our Mighty St Johns showing how beautiful she is and how important she is to Downtown and our economy. Also shown is some YOGA!

Folio Weekly has a page up with some pics too. Did you get snapped?



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