It is going to be a busy year Downtown! Be a part of it.

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When you peel back the onion of all the free and fun and fun free things you can do and enjoy at Community First Saturdays you’ll notice it is just a simple idea to come down to our beautiful St. Johns River and recreate either actively or lounge passively on our unmatched Riverwalk.

But if you are like so many people that want to learn more about Downtown, to be more active Downtown, Community First Saturdays is also an awesome way to  get involved.

Every day there are more and more people moving Downtown, moving their offices Downtown and generally coming Downtown to be entertained. There is also a strong sense of citizen advocacy for Downtown which seems to be growing in momentum.

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking, how do I get involved?

I usually recommend the Downtown Council if its a business person with a specific business interest in Downtown. Another great place to start is Community First Saturdays. At least one member of the Downtown Investment Authority (smile) will be there at all times; happy and ready to answer questions about Downtown or maybe provide some info that you are seeking. Downtown Vision usually sends at least one representative, typically an ambassador, armed with maps and programmatic information on just about anything you might want to do Downtown.

And let us not forget the Skyway which runs every Community First Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. The Skyway is a great way to festivalize your experience by connecting with other Downtown destinations such as Friendship Fountain, MOSH, MOCA, and our awesome Downtown Library.

So if you are looking to learn more about Downtown, please consider the family friendly Community First Saturdays! Our next one is January 5th! Watch this blog for more details and descriptions of all we have in store.




One Comment on “It is going to be a busy year Downtown! Be a part of it.

  1. How would a small business get involved in this, as far as setting up and selling their merchandise?

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