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ImageDowntown Jacksonville has a rich architectural history. Despite being burned down in 1901, Jacksonville’s citizens at the turn of the century dedicated themselves to building a bigger and better urban core. Many of the buildings that were constructed during this renaissance are still standing and are home to many downtown residents. And now you get the chance to visit these beautiful buildings.

ImpactJAX is proud to host the Downtown Home Tour. If you register in advance, it’ll cost you only five bucks to have the opportunity to visit downtown’s most scenic and historic residences. Day of event cost is ten bucks, which is still a steal!

The fact this is happening the day of a Community First Saturday only emphasizes that downtown Jacksonville is always bustling with activity. The popular myth that there is “nothing to do downtown” can thankfully be put to rest. You can get your tickets for the event at any of the tour locations listed:

The Carling 31 W. Adams Street

11 E 11 East Forsyth

The Plaza 400 E. Bay Street

San Marco Place 1478 Riverplace Blvd

Churchwell Lofts 301 E. Bay Street

The Metropolitan 421 W. Church Street

Parks at the Cathedral 256 E. Church Street

Don’t miss another opportunity to enjoy all that downtown has to offer. You won’t regret the chance to learn the unique lifestyle that living downtown can offer you. And while you’re there, be sure to come to Community First Saturdays and the Jax Film Fest, both happening the same day.

See you November 3.

For tickets and details click here.


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