Do you know what the biggest cultural event of the year is at the Jacksonville Landing? Its the Filipino Pride festival! In its fourth year the festival is a 12 hour event that celebrates the rich history and culture of the Filipino people. Jacksonville has a strong community of Filipino heritage. Here is a quote from  the Landing Event page:

Filipino Pride Day is a day to celebrate Philippine cuisine, culture, and art. Last year, over 16,000 people attended the annual event with at least 30 vendors and more than 50 unique performances. Every year, Filipino Pride Day is filled with very talented performers providing a mix of traditional and modern Filipino cultural entertainment! From singers and musicians to dancers and artists, of all ages, the day offers so much to enjoy!

Have you built your itinerary yet for October 6 yet? Like Community First Saturdays, Riverside Arts  Market, Pink Ribbon Symposium you can reach the Filipino Pride Day via bike, water taxi, foot, skateboard, Skyway, Trolley, and even car (please car pool! wink!). Its going to be an amazing day to celebrate our St Johns River on our amazing Riverwalk and throughout our Downtown!

We’ll be liveblogging about other activities and previewing Community First Saturdays at Riverside Arts Market tomorrow from 10-4. Try to find us!


5 Comments on “October 6, FILIPINO PRIDE!

  1. Thank you! An addition to this year’s Festival is the presence, for the first time, of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC. Embassy staff will be in Jacksonville for two days (October 5 at the Hyatt; October 6 at the Times Union 300 Rooom) to provide consular services to about 500 Filipinos who have made prior appointments with the Embassy. They come from all over the east coast. For many of them, it will be their first time in Jacksonville. What a great opportunity to showcase our City! We’ll work hard to bring the consular outreach program back to Jacksonville every year.

  2. Tony, may I use the same photo in the eblast i’m sending on JAAA’s behalf? i’ll photoshop to show just the Landing. Thanks!

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